Create an Added Layer of Protection over Hypodermic Tubing by Applying Teflon® Heat Shrink Tubing

Teflon® heat shrink tubing can be applied over sections of hypodermic tubing to create an added layer of protection. Teflon® is able to withstand both extremely hot and cold environments and acts as a barrier between your tubing and the exterior conditions. You are also able to use this method anytime you want to protect the tubing from exposure to wet and damp conditions from water and other harsh liquid chemicals.

Use Teflon® Heat Shrink Tubing to Increase the Strength of Cabling and Wiring 

Another application for Teflon® heat shrink tubing is to increase the strength of cabling and wiring. Teflon® is able to help relieve some of the strain and stress placed on repeated movements. It also helps to prevent accidental breakage when it is securely and properly applied. You can even use heat shrink tubing to make repairs and splice sections of cabling and wire back together without having to replace an entire assembly.

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