Consider Using NiTinol Wire in Place of Steel Spring for Your Applications

NiTinol wire is a special type of wire used in place of springs for certain applications. This wire has the ability to retain its shape and be strained by as much as eight times more than an ordinary steel spring. Wiring is available in straight lengths with the option for custom finishing. Custom finishing helps to make the wire ready to use and not have to worry about performing your own in-house preparations before being able to use the wiring.

A Variety of Medical and Industrial Operations Use NiTinol Wire

The types of applications and uses for NiTinol wire cover a variety of industrial and medical operations. You find this wire being used as wire mandrels and in mechanical switching devices in various products. In medical fields this kind of wire is used to build robotic actuators and prosthetic devices, as well as used as stents for surgical procedures.

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