Connect Thin Wall Stainless Tubing Together By Using Hypodermic Tubing Adaptors

Sometimes certain applications may require connecting different sections and gauges of thin wall stainless tubing together. In order to create a secure connection between the two sections of tubing, you need to use a hypodermic tubing adaptor. The adaptors are polyimide graphite ferrules which are used with standard compression fittings to connect the tubing together or to any plumbing circuit.

Understand How Using Hypodermic Tubing Adaptors with Thin Wall Stainless Tubing Affects Flow Rates 

When using thin wall stainless tubing and hypodermic tubing adaptors with a reducer, you need to determine how using the adaptor can affect flow rates. For instance, if you desire to maintain the same flow rate, you might have to reduce the amount of pressure on the line. On the other hand if the flow rate is to be increased, the current pressure could be sufficient enough to deliver the desired output.

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