Companies Use a Blunt Needle to Control Fluid Delivery Processes

There are different ways in which you can control and regulate fluid, adhesive and liquid delivery during your production processes. Ensuring the proper levels is applied to each part and component is necessary in order to maintain product quality and prevent waste. If too much or too little fluid, adhesive, or liquid is applied, it results in products that have to be rejected, and increases your waste costs. One method frequently used is to use a blunt needle as a dispensing tip connected to a syringe, bottle or automated delivery equipment. Because the fluid, liquid, or adhesive can be properly measured, the right amount gets applied.

A Blunt Needle Is Offered in Standard and Custom Sizes

A blunt needle is available in different wall thickness and gauges depending upon your own requirements and specifications. You are able to find regular wall, thin wall and extra thin wall tubing attached to polypropylene luer hubs. In addition, the lengths of the needles are offered in standard sizes, including half inch, one inch, and one and a half inch. In situations where you require a needle of a different length, you can utilize our secondary finishing processes to have your needles customized. These processes may also be used in situations where you require the needles to be bent to a specified angle. It should be pointed out that extra thin wall and thin wall needles are more difficult to bend than regular wall needles. This is not to say it cannot be done; it just might require additional finishing time to ensure the quality of each needle is maintained.

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