Change the World

headshot1bwWhen we say “change the world,” we really mean it. It’s not just some inspirational cliché to us. Our customers develop products and technologies that save or improve the lives of people every day. Hundreds of patients are alive today, and thousands have a better life, because of the work we do to advance a technology, device or apparatus. In most cases, we don’t get to meet the patients. They go through a surgery or some medical procedure, and they never know that what we did made their recovery faster or less painful or even possible in the first place. They will never know that we played a role – as small as it was – in what changed their life. And they shouldn’t. They have more pressing things to consider than the work researchers and developers went through to make it a success. But their world was changed. There are people walking and talking and writing and hearing and seeing and breathing because of the work we do at Component Supply. We can say with complete confidence that we have “changed the world” before. While we may not change the whole course of history for all mankind, there are people alive and healthy because of who we work with and the work we have done. That inspires us to continue to change the world. Even if it is just for one more person.