FEP Shrink Tubing Can Be Sterilized for Medical Applications

FEP shrink tubing is used in a variety of industries for various applications. For instance, in the healthcare fields, this type of tubing can be used for applications which require connecting together different types of cables, tubes and wiring. It can also be used to create a seal over nozzles and other types of devices. This type of tubing can also be sterilized, should it be part of a surgical device or other equipment, which can be reused after sterilization.

Add a Protective Coating on Different Materials by Using FEP Shrink Tubing

When you need a protective coating on materials which are exposed to different conditions, you will want to consider using FEP shrink tubing. This type of tubing can help protect against moisture and other corrosion-causing agents, high temperatures and other such conditions which could cause materials to deteriorate quickly. The tubing adds a protective layer to ensure the interior materials function correctly, while protecting them from exposure.

PTFE Shrink Tubing Can Be Used to Make Certain Repairs

Certain types of repairs may be able to be resolved using PTFE shrink tubing. This type of tubing can be placed over different types of cables and wires, when protective coatings have become cracked or fallen off. Instead of having to replace the entire length of cable or wire, you just cut a section of the tubing, slide it over the location, apply heat, and it shrinks over the exposed area.

Use Custom Cut PTFE Shrink Tubing for Mass Production Processes

PTFE shrink tubing comes in standard lengths, as well as custom cut pieces to fit with your requirements and applications. Custom cut pieces are ideal when you will be using a large number of pieces for assembly processes. By obtaining your tubing in custom cut sections, you can have access to all of the sizes you require, in order to complete production.

Considerations in Using PTFE Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing offers a number of advantages to applications where moisture, corrosion, heat and other types of exposure can interfere with the application. PTFE shrink tubing, in particular, offers outstanding electrical characteristics, chemical and solvent resistance, and high purity and lubricity. The tubing is available in standard 4 foot lengths as well as custom cut pieces for specific applications. The 2 to 1 shrink ration provides a tight fit and has a higher shrink temperature that is used for electrical and medical components.

Take Precautions when Applying PTFE Shrink Tubing

In order to use the tubing safely and effectively, it is important to observe some basic guidelines. It is important to use in a well-ventilated area and that the material being covered can withstand the heat that must be applied in order to shrink the tubing. To prevent splitting or longitudinal change in the tubing when applying to a metal mandrel, the tubing should be pre-heated. Ovens are the most reliable heat source for even heating and preventing overheating that can cause cracking or brittleness. If you will be using a heat gun, follow the instructions supplied by the heat gun’s manufacturer. In order to achieve the desired results with PTFE shrink tubing, be sure to keep these simple guidelines in mind.