November is for Epilepsy Awareness

We talk a lot about growing at Component Supply. Growing inventory. Growing our team. Growing capabilities. But, no matter how much Component Supply grows, ensuring its position as a resource for research and development will always be a priority to me. I’ve been fascinated by medical research since I was a young girl and working alongside it is truly a dream come true. But, it’s not just my job — it’s my passion. And as you know, most passions stem from personal experience.

For me, that personal experience was losing my cousin Gregory during my freshman year of college. Gregory suffered from epileptic seizures, but his family did everything they could to make sure he lived as normal a life as possible. He played sports, loved to surf, and had an awesome group of friends.

Gregory was also my favorite buddy during our summer family reunions together. We rode rides at amusement parks, bodysurfed and boogie-boarded in the ocean, and played on the beach for hours on end. He died doing what he loved most – surfing, and even years later, I’m always looking for ways to honor and remember him. He was an inspiring overcomer, and we could all use a little more of that in our lives.

According to the American Epilepsy Society, “epilepsy is the second leading cause of death from a neurological condition and affects more people in the U.S. than multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and Parkinson’s combined, yet receives fewer federal dollars per patient than each of these.”

So in honor of my cousin, Gregory, and with the research statistics in mind, Component Supply has chosen epilepsy as the focus of our REAP program for the month of November. All throughout this month, we will support labs and promote research in this field. If you’re a researcher seeking advancements for epilepsy, contact us about how we can support your lab by discounting standard supply items (hypodermic tubing, 304 stainless steel wire, fittings, etc.), waiving our prototype minimums for fabricated parts, and promoting your research.

We want to see patients nationwide REAP the benefits of advancements in research and development for the diseases affecting them. Let us support you as you change the world for epilepsy patients. | | 931-761-4000

For more information about Epilepsy visit these resources:

The American Epilepsy Society

The Epilepsy Foundation

Seeing is Believing: Hypodermic Tubing Samples

Hypodermic Sample Card FRONT 1-30-2018Most researchers we work with don’t order a 60″ piece of hypodermic tubing from us because that’s exactly the size they need. They order it because it’s the industry standard, and they’ll figure out how to make it work for their application once it reaches the lab. But as the resource for R&D, that’s not good enough for us at Component Supply.  We know there is a better way. That’s why our fabrication division exists. CS Custom Fab can cut, deburr and clean this material to our customers’ specifications with speed, affordability, and precision.

But we know our R&D friends are busy, and the extra steps of requesting a quote or sending a drawing are sometimes cumbersome – especially if you don’t know what you’re getting. So, we’ve decided to send you a sample of our straight and bevel cut hypo tube whenever you purchase any quantity of hypodermic tubing. We’ve always believed that it is our responsibility to put the best components in the hands of the brightest researchers and product designers so they can change the world. We just had to get these samples into your hands so you can see exactly what we do in CS Custom Fab that makes the work of our customers so much more efficient.

One more thing: we treat our stock cut pieces the same way: These pieces are cut, deburred and cleaned just like our custom jobs but with no minimum. We look forward to hearing from you!

The mission of Component Supply is to be a resource for reseachers and product designers by connecting them with the components and knowledge they need to change the world.

What is CS Custom Fab?

Part Ends-bluebgAt Component Supply, we pride ourselves on being a resource for research and development with our comprehensive offerings, short lead times and low minimums. But, sometimes that’s not enough. Most of our customers don’t need a 60” piece of hypodermic tubing, a 72” piece of wire or a linear yard of mesh. The material needs some secondary operation performed on it for their application.

That’s where CS Custom Fab comes in by specializing in the quick, efficient modification and fabrication of parts for both research and production. Our long history of working closely with researchers and developers enables us to understand how a modified component can streamline a design or process. We work with engineers who are designing products in the earliest stages of development, and we enjoy the challenges that come with adjusting their designs. We excel at developing efficiencies in production to keep up with increased demands. Our ability to draw from various products and the depth of material we have on hand allow us to meet the production needs of our customers. Component Supply’s Custom Fab engineers can help you work through an idea you are pursuing, provide insight into your drawings and produce quality products quickly.

At Component Supply, we understand the challenges facing research labs. Knowing the stress of budget constraints, fast-approaching deadlines and rising expectations in technological advancement, our Supply and Custom Fab divisions are assisting from the earliest prototyping stages through the transition into production. It’s just another way we fulfill our mission to connect researchers and product designers with the components and knowledge they need to change the world.