A Variety of Industries Use Blunt Needle Assemblies

A blunt needle is used for a variety of dispensing needs and solutions in many industries, including electronics, pharmaceutical, automotive, arts, hobbies, crafts, aquarium, fishing, pest control and more. These needles come in different lengths, gauges, and wall sizes to help you achieve your desired results. In situations where you use a large number of dispensing needles in variety of sizes, it might be beneficial to order them in a lab kit.

A lab kit makes it easier to manage your inventories because you are able to quickly determine what sizes you are running low on, since they are stored in individual compartments. Whenever you need to reorder additional blunt needle assemblies, you are able to only order the ones you need to restock your lab kit, rather than having to order a brand new kit. Additionally, you may want to keep larger stocks on hand of your most-used sizes.

Lab kits are able to be customized to match your own specifications and requirements. One finishing option frequently applied to dispensing needles is to angle them at either 45 degrees or 90 degrees. This makes it easier for the user to dispense fluids and liquids in those hard-to-reach areas. You may also have the needles custom bent to other angles, as needed for your purposes. Angling is able to be applied to a wide assortment of gauges and lengths. You should note: finishing operations involving angling and bending are easiest when using sections of regular wall hypodermic tubing.


Companies Use a Blunt Needle to Control Fluid Delivery Processes

There are different ways in which you can control and regulate fluid, adhesive and liquid delivery during your production processes. Ensuring the proper levels is applied to each part and component is necessary in order to maintain product quality and prevent waste. If too much or too little fluid, adhesive, or liquid is applied, it results in products that have to be rejected, and increases your waste costs. One method frequently used is to use a blunt needle as a dispensing tip connected to a syringe, bottle or automated delivery equipment. Because the fluid, liquid, or adhesive can be properly measured, the right amount gets applied.

A Blunt Needle Is Offered in Standard and Custom Sizes

A blunt needle is available in different wall thickness and gauges depending upon your own requirements and specifications. You are able to find regular wall, thin wall and extra thin wall tubing attached to polypropylene luer hubs. In addition, the lengths of the needles are offered in standard sizes, including half inch, one inch, and one and a half inch. In situations where you require a needle of a different length, you can utilize our secondary finishing processes to have your needles customized. These processes may also be used in situations where you require the needles to be bent to a specified angle. It should be pointed out that extra thin wall and thin wall needles are more difficult to bend than regular wall needles. This is not to say it cannot be done; it just might require additional finishing time to ensure the quality of each needle is maintained.

You Need to Take Precautions When Working with a Blunt Needle

A blunt needle can be used for a variety of purposes and applications. This type of needle assembly has a blunt end on the tip which makes it safer than a sharp tipped needle. However, you should still be careful when using blunt tipped needles to avoid accidently poking yourself or someone else. You also need to make sure you properly dispose of the needles once you are finished using them, following the recommended procedures used by your organization.

A Blunt Needle Is Used for a Wide Range of Industrial Applications 

Industrial blunt needle applications range from a variety of organizations including automobile manufacturers, ink jet cartridge manufacturers, pest control, electronics, food processing, and wood working operations. Each of these companies uses needles along with a syringe, bottle or an automated delivery system to apply and release fluids and liquids at various production stages. For instance, the needles are used to fill ink jet cartridges to the correct level in the desired color.

Reduce Risks for Your Employees by Using Blunt Needle Assemblies

A blunt needle refers to a specific type of tip found on a needle assembly. A blunt tip will not poke through the skin or other kinds of materials as easily as a sharp tipped needle. Pharmaceutical and industrial operations often favor using blunt tipped needles for as many processes and applications as possible because these needles are safer to use. Blunt tipped needles help to lower the likelihood of accidents which could pose risks for your employees who have to handle and work with needle assemblies.

It Is Easier to Keep Track of Inventories by Using Blunt Needle Lab Kits

Pharmaceutical operations often prefer using needle assembles whenever possible in place of having to build their own assemblies using blunt needles. Using laboratory kits ensures each needle length and gauge size is available for their research and experiments. It also makes it easier to keep track of needle assembly inventories because kits have different compartments where the various sizes are stored. Anytime you notice sections in your kits are running low, all you have to do is reorder just those sizes and gauges to restock your kits.

You Have Options for Obtaining Blunt Needle Assemblies

You have different options available for obtaining your own blunt needle assemblies. You could purchase hypodermic tubing and needle nubs separately. This option would require you to have the correct types of tools. You have to cut each piece of tubing to the desired length and perform any finishing touches. You also have to attach the tubing to the needle nub in order to create the needle assembly.

Companies Using Blunt Needle Assemblies Often Purchase Pre-Made Assemblies

Most companies do not want to invest the time, resources or money into building their own blunt needle assemblies. This is because they able to order and obtain assemblies manufactured by someone else like us. You will find needle assortment kits available with a variety of gauge sizes. Each assembly is pre-threaded and ready to be attached to a syringe, bottle or other kind of delivery device. You can also obtain custom finishing options when you require unique needle assemblies, such as angled blunt tip ends.

A Blunt Needle Is a Needle with an Unsharpened Tip

A specific type of tip with an unsharpened tip is called a blunt needle. This type of needle requires a small amount of pressure in order to be inserted into various materials or through the skin. Using this type of needle is safer than using a sharp tipped needle. Accidents of being poked with the needle tip are less likely to occur, since there is a greater force needed than with a sharp tipped needle.

Stainless Steel Tubing and a Nub Are Used to Create a Blunt Needle

In order to create a blunt needle you will need two basic components. First, you will need the correct gauge of stainless steel tubing, cut to the correct length. Next, you will need a nub, which is attached to the tubing to create the needle assembly. The nub is often pre-threaded so it can easily be attached to a syringe, bottle or other type of device. Organizations will commonly order this type of needle already assembled and ready to be used, rather than attempting to build their own.