Bundle and Hold Wires in Place with PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing

Bundling wires together can be accomplished by using PTFE heat shrink tubing. The process could involve cutting piece of tubing to size and first applying it to the individual wires. Once each wire has its own tubing on it, they are able to be held together and in place by using a larger piece of tubing and shrinking it around the group of wires.

Make Sure to Fully Shrink PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing on All Sides

A heat gun is commonly used to provide the necessary heat required to shrink PTFE heat shrink tubing. You need to make sure to evenly apply the heat by moving the gun back and forth to all sides of the tubing in the location where the tubing is placed. If the tubing is not shrunk correctly there could be sections of the tubing which do not seal fully. In situations where the tubing needs to be applied in tight locations you will want to remove the wire or cable, apply the tubing and then reattach it.

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