Build Your Own Multi-stage Filtration System Using Woven Nylon Mesh

Building a decent filtration system should include the use of woven nylon mesh. This material comes with different-sized openings for removing particles, sediment, and dirt from fluids and water. By obtaining it in a variety of sizes, you are able to build a multi-stage filtration system. A multi-stage filter performs better and requires less maintenance than a single stage filter.

In order to design a multi-stage filtration system, you are going to require several different opening sizes of woven nylon mesh. You should place the mesh with the largest openings in your filter at the first stage. Further, you need to allow some space in between the first layer and second layer, for the water to be able to flow freely, as well as to have space to collect smaller particles. The second stage is where you will place the mesh with the next-smallest-sized openings. You repeat this process for however many stages of filtration you require. Your last stage always uses the mesh with the smallest openings.

As water or fluid passes through each stage of your multi-stage filter, the mesh only allows particles to flow through if they are smaller than the actual openings. For instance, at the first stage, the largest particles and sediment are removed. Then, at the second stage, slightly smaller particles and sediment are removed from the water, and so on, until reaching the final stage. Because each stage only collects particles and sediment larger than the mesh openings, the filter will operate for a longer period of time before having to clean each filter stage.


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