Blunt Needles May Be Obtained in Lab Kit Assortments

Blunt needles are offered in lab kit assortments, in order to obtain a variety of different gauge sizes and lengths. These kits include the more commonly used sizes and lengths. In situations where you require longer dispensing tips, custom bent needles, curved dispensing needles or PTFE dispensing tips, these are also able to be created using our customization processes. Customization could also be required in cases where you require a different wall size of hypodermic tubing, such as thin or extra thin wall, or require 316 stainless steel tubing in place of 304 stainless steel tubing. Just contact us with your specifications and requirements for the kinds of customizations you need for your needles.

Many Industries and Businesses Use Blunt Needles for Their Applications and Processes

Blunt needles are used for a variety of applications and processes, including manufacturing processes for producing chemicals, foods, inks, glues, and more. This type of need is also used for arts, crafts, hobbies, automobile production, and henna art. The needles can be attached directly to bottles, syringes or specialty equipment designed to automatically release precise amounts of fluids during production in the desired locations. For example, certain food materials may have several different kinds of food colorings added to give the final product its color. In order to control how much food coloring is released to maintain quality control, it can be dispensed using these needles connected to an automated system able to dispense multiple colors, all at the same time in varying amounts.

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