Blunt Needle Assemblies Are Useful for Industrial and Non-Medical Applications

A blunt needle assembly provides many useful applications when used in industrial and non-medical industries. The kinds of needles used by these types of businesses are normally non-sterile, because the processes where they are being used do not require sterile needles. The blunt tip is often desired over a sharp tip, because it helps to lower the risks of accidents, like poking through the skin. A blunt tip also helps prevent damaging other materials in the areas where they are being used. For instance, the needles may be part of your processes to fill ink cartridges. You want to make sure the needle can fill up the cartridge, but not be sharp enough to pass through the plastic chambers where the ink is contained within the cartridge.

Arts and Crafts Businesses Use Blunt Needle Assemblies for Creating Products

Small businesses which make their own arts and crafts products by hand often use blunt needle assemblies. Common applications include using the needles for applying glues, paints and adhesives. The needle assemblies are designed to be used with squeeze bottles, as well as syringes. The gauge of the needle, as well as the wall thickness, determines how effectively glues, paints and adhesives will flow through the tubing. Depending upon the types of products you produce, you might need to use multiple gauge sizes and wall thicknesses. You may also use custom and secondary processes in situations where you have specific requirements. Another option you can consider, to secure a variety of dispensing needles, is to obtain them in lab assortment kits.

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