Avoid Pre-Drilling Holes by Using Self-Tapping Stainless Steel Machine Screws

It can be difficult working with small stainless steel machine screws when you have to worry about pre-drilling holes. For situations where you just want to insert and tighten the screw, you will want to use self-tapping screws. Self-tapping screws have a sixty degree sharp tip to make penetrating into different semi-hard materials easy.

You Can Use Stainless Steel Machine Screws by Themselves or With Adhesives and Glues

There are different methods for fastening together different types of materials. You can use adhesives and glues to secure the pieces together. It is important to remember, however, that adhesives and glues can break down over time. This will cause the materials to eventually come apart. Another method is to use stainless steel machine screws. You can use these screws by themselves or as a secondary method with adhesives and glues to keep pieces securely fastened together.