Ask for Samples When Deciding What Gauge and Wall Size of Hypodermic Tube to Use

When determining what gauge and wall size of hypodermic tube to use you might consider asking for samples. Samples will allow you to test the different gauges and wall sizes to find the ones which work best for your applications. Just remember samples are limited to small supplies so you should have an idea of the approximate gauge you require. For instance, you could be considering whether to use a regular wall 10 gauge or an extra thin wall 11 gauge.

How You Order Hypodermic Tube Often Depends Upon the Industry

The type of industry can determine how you order your hypodermic tube. For example, in the medical industry it is common for businesses to order their tubing already pre-cut to specific lengths and as part of needle assemblies. The reason organizations will order tubing in this manner is because they often lack the resources, tools and time needed to cut or build their own needle assemblies.

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