An Alternative to Nylon Mesh for Some Applications and Environments Is Polyester Mesh

Polyester mesh is able to be used as an alternative to nylon mesh for certain types of applications and environments. Polyester contains many of the similar properties found in nylon, such as being very good at abrasion resistance. In other cases, polyester can provide slightly better performance than nylon, like when it has to stand up to light and weather resistance outdoors.

Compare the Properties of Nylon and Polyester Mesh to Choose the Mesh Best Suited for Your Applications 

Whenever you need filter mesh screening for your applications and processes you should compared the different properties found in nylon and polyester mesh. Certain types of environments are better suited for polyester over nylon and vice versus. For instance, while both kinds of mesh can be used in water, polyester does hold up better over long term exposure. Polyester also provides more acid resistance than nylon when being used with acidic liquids.