Agriculture Industries Use Nylon Mesh Screens to Make Fertilizer Bags

You can use nylon mesh screens to make your own fertilizer bags for use in the agriculture industry. You have to cut the mesh to size to create bags suitable for the type of fertilizer you use. The mesh openings in the bags will allow for the fertilizer to be released into the ground at a controlled rate. Whenever the bags run low on fertilizer you just replace them with new ones.

You Can Make Filter Media Bags and Filters from Nylon Mesh Screens

Nylon mesh screens are used to create sediment bags used in filtration systems. The bags are designed to contain various types of media, such as sand or carbon. As water passes through the bags the media helps to remove impurities and particles from the water. You are also able to use the nylon mesh by itself to filter out larger particles before passing water through your media bags.