Add Support to Wiring and Cabling in High Heat Areas by using PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing

PTFE heat shrink tubing can be used to add support and strength to wiring and cabling when it is used in high temperature locations. PTFE has a high shrink temperature, so once it is fully attached it will remain in place, unless temperatures become extremely hot and melt the tubing. In order to actually melt the tubing off it would need to be exposed to very high and constant heat levels beyond the shrink temperature range.

Keep a Supply of PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing on Hand

In manufacturing and production industries, you should keep a supply of PTFE heat shrink tubing on hand. This type of tubing can be used to make a variety of repairs to machinery and equipment. Whenever there is a production issue, you can avoid having to shut down an entire line because you lack the right parts to make the repair. Instead, you can make the repair using this kind of tubing to get your line back up and running.

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