A Variety of Industries use Nylon Filter Mesh for Liquid and Air Filtration

Nylon filter mesh is used in a variety of industries for both liquid and air filtration processes. Laboratories use this kind of mesh to filter out particulates and other items during experiments. The reason to remove the particulates is to make the liquid as pure as possible or to examine the particles that were removed from the liquid. Production facilities where large amounts of dust are created also use this type of mesh to help prevent dust from being released into the air. The filter can be placed directly on machinery to catch the dust as it is being created, like on a table saw.

Manufacturers will use Nylon Filter Mesh to Build Finished Products

Manufacturers of certain products can use nylon filter mesh as part of the raw components used to build their finished products. For example, most sink faucets have a removable filter that consists of a rubber washer, housing and mesh screen. The mesh screen is used to remove larger particles from the water and prevent it from coming out of the faucet.

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