A Variety of Industries Use Hypodermic Tubing in Different Ways

Hypodermic tubing can be used in a variety of different ways to satisfy the requirements for pharmaceutical, medical device and industrial applications. One of the more common uses is to cut the tubing to the desired length, attach it to polypropylene luer hubs and turn it into blunt needle assemblies. Dispensing needles are used to ensure the accurate delivery of various fluids and liquids in the desired amounts. Many of the common gauge sizes in standard lengths are made available in lab assortment kits for organizations using a variety of different types.

Another use for hypodermic tubing is to use it along with straightened wire to create guide wire assemblies. For organizations requiring guide wire assemblies, you are able to obtain all of the tubing and straightened wire you require, and build them yourself, or take advantage of our customization services and let us build as many assemblies as you need. Just remember, if you are building your own assemblies, you will need the right tools to cut and deburr the tubing and straightened wire.

Additionally, some organizations have a demand for small cut lengths of this kind of tubing for certain manufacturing processes. Instead of having to cut the tubing yourself, or use secondary finishing and customization services, we offer a stock of one, two and three inch lengths, already cut, deburred and cleaned. Further, should you require one or two inch lengths with a 90 degree bend, you are able to find these sizes in stock and available for shipping. For other customizations, all you have to do is let us know your specifications, and we will work with you to deliver the tubing you require.