A Variety of Industries Use Blunt Needle Assemblies

A blunt needle is used for a variety of dispensing needs and solutions in many industries, including electronics, pharmaceutical, automotive, arts, hobbies, crafts, aquarium, fishing, pest control and more. These needles come in different lengths, gauges, and wall sizes to help you achieve your desired results. In situations where you use a large number of dispensing needles in variety of sizes, it might be beneficial to order them in a lab kit.

A lab kit makes it easier to manage your inventories because you are able to quickly determine what sizes you are running low on, since they are stored in individual compartments. Whenever you need to reorder additional blunt needle assemblies, you are able to only order the ones you need to restock your lab kit, rather than having to order a brand new kit. Additionally, you may want to keep larger stocks on hand of your most-used sizes.

Lab kits are able to be customized to match your own specifications and requirements. One finishing option frequently applied to dispensing needles is to angle them at either 45 degrees or 90 degrees. This makes it easier for the user to dispense fluids and liquids in those hard-to-reach areas. You may also have the needles custom bent to other angles, as needed for your purposes. Angling is able to be applied to a wide assortment of gauges and lengths. You should note: finishing operations involving angling and bending are easiest when using sections of regular wall hypodermic tubing.


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