A Blunt Needle Is a Needle with an Unsharpened Tip

A specific type of tip with an unsharpened tip is called a blunt needle. This type of needle requires a small amount of pressure in order to be inserted into various materials or through the skin. Using this type of needle is safer than using a sharp tipped needle. Accidents of being poked with the needle tip are less likely to occur, since there is a greater force needed than with a sharp tipped needle.

Stainless Steel Tubing and a Nub Are Used to Create a Blunt Needle

In order to create a blunt needle you will need two basic components. First, you will need the correct gauge of stainless steel tubing, cut to the correct length. Next, you will need a nub, which is attached to the tubing to create the needle assembly. The nub is often pre-threaded so it can easily be attached to a syringe, bottle or other type of device. Organizations will commonly order this type of needle already assembled and ready to be used, rather than attempting to build their own.

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