304 Tubing Is Available In Thin Wall Stainless Tubing Sizes

There are different types of stainless steel tubing available, depending on your requirements. You will see different number designations of 304 and 316 assigned to different tubing products. There is a slight difference in the two types of stainless steel, with 316 having an added component which helps resist corrosion from salt in water and other liquids. Also, 304 tubing is available in different wall sizes, including thin wall stainless tubing.

How Are Regular Wall and Thin Wall Stainless Tubing Different?

The actual gauges of 304 stainless steel tubing will not change, even though the wall size might change. The difference between thin wall stainless tubing and regular wall stainless tubing is the inside diameter of the opening in the tubing. On a regular wall ten gauge tube, the inside diameter is 0.104 to 0.108 inches. On a thin wall ten gauge tube, the inside diameter is 0.112 to 0.116 inches, which is slightly larger than the regular wall tubing.

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