REAP: Research Engagement and Awareness Program

As the R&D resource, Component Supply has always believed that we are more than a supplier and fabricator of metal and plastic tubing and wire. We promote and support research every day by supplying quality, affordable components faster than anyone.

But, for us, it’s not enough.

That’s why we’ve launched REAP – our Research Engagement and Awareness Program. We want to see patients nationwide REAP the benefits of advancement in research and development for the diseases affecting them. As you may know, every month in the United States there are national awareness campaigns launched for various diseases. Component Supply is using these national campaigns as a catalyst for our efforts to support the research occurring in these fields. In line with national awareness efforts, we will select at least one disease per month on which to focus our REAP efforts of engagement and awareness.

To facilitate research engagement, Component Supply will offer 25% off catalog pricing* for standard supply items to researchers in the selected field that month. Also, for customers requiring custom fabrication, we will waive our $150 prototyping minimum. All you have to do is send us a link to your research lab website or a 3-5 sentence summary of the work you are doing in the field, and we will apply the requested discounts.** To promote research awareness for work being done for the selected diseases, we will highlight research news on our website, blog, Facebook pages, and customer communication. We hope that our monthly efforts will allow patients to REAP the benefits of the life-changing advancements we see from our R&D customers every day.

This month, our goal is to see SARCOMA patients REAP the benefits of R&D advancements for their disease. Send your RFQ, orders, and links to your research website to with the subject “REAP2019.” We look forward to working with you!

*Discounts cannot be applied to volume price breaks. 

**Research website and research summary must highlight SARCOMA to be eligible for the July discount.