Component Supply’s 2017 In Review

The year of 2017 was full of changes for Component Supply. While we purchased our new facility in Tennessee in the fall of 2016, it was another four months before our Florida location closed its doors on a Friday afternoon to transition to its new home almost 700 miles away over a normal weekend. During those four months between the purchase and the move, our production manager oversaw a complete renovation of our new warehouse, including the build out of rooms dedicated to custom fabrication and needle production. Then, when it was finally time, a small team spent 48 hours setting up racking, installing new systems and organizing inventory so we could reopen for business on a cold Monday morning in Tennessee. It wasn’t a seamless transition, but it was close.

Then one by one, our employees and their families moved up and settled into a new community.  We had to say some hard good-byes to a few faithful employees who couldn’t make the move, and since then, we’ve welcomed a few new people to our team.

While our zip code changed in 2017, nothing’s changed about our commitment to R & D…

except that it’s stronger than ever.

Our new space and ever-growing capabilities have inspired a deeper level of responsibility to our researchers and product designers. We want to provide the highest-quality components, with the fastest lead times for fabricated parts and the lowest minimums. We still never want to let a project die because we somehow failed in our commitment to research and development. Instead, we want to support our researchers and designers on the front end and stay by their side as they transition to production. We believe that by connecting them with the right components and knowledge, they can change the world.

Thank you for choosing us as your resource for R & D for 2017. We look forward to working with you in the coming year.

The Mission of Component Supply is to be a resource for reseachers and product designers by connecting them with the components and knowledge they need to change the world. 

New Space for Custom Needles

Moving our operations to Tennessee has given us many advantages and opportunities we did not have before. For example, the Custom Fab division of Component Supply has been making custom needles for our customers for years but with our new facility came some exciting changes. First, we have increased our production capacity by over 400%. This not only allows us to supply larger quantities more competitively but also to reduce lead time, even the small prototype requests. We also built a space dedicated to needle production that has conditioned air filtered through a HEPA-filter and is slightly pressurized to keep dust and airborne particulates out. This allows us to maintain a clean glue bed for the needles. Adhesive specialists have come to help us determine the best adhesives to use and we’ve built some proprietary equipment that has increased the quality and efficiency of processing our custom dispensing needles. We are conducting pull tests at three times what our customers are requesting for stainless steel and five times what is requested for PTFE.

Because of the large volume of requests for our custom needles, we prioritized the expansion of our operation, not only in the capacity to produce larger quantities more efficiently but also in our capabilities for bends, needles with stops, PTFE needles, thin and extra thin wall and custom tip options. In 2018, we plan to release images of some of the work we’ve been doing for our customers in the world of custom needles, so please keep checking back for more updates of our needles.

The mission of Component Supply is to be a resource for researchers and product designers by connecting them with the components and knowledge they need to change the world.