Supplying Hypodermic Tubing the Component Supply Way

We have been supplying and working with hypodermic tubing since 1964. Whether it’s small quantities for researchers and developers, tubing for production or custom cutting or fabricating parts from hypodermic tubing, we have learned the needs of our various customers when it comes to standard lengths, tolerances and packaging.

In general, we know that most people do not need a 30-inch or 60-inch piece of hypodermic tubing. Most users will do something else with it either in-house, or they’ll have us make what they need. But regardless, customers buying standard lengths for production or R&D really do (and should) have some standards. For example, holding a +/-0.5-inch tolerance on a piece of tubing for 30 inches or 60 inches long should not be a challenge. In fact, holding a 1/8-inch tolerance shouldn’t even be a challenge. But, even though the need for grace is understandable in some mill operations, at the very least the tubing should come at least OD deburred on a buffer. This is a step that should be expected from customers. Many will argue that it is an unnecessary step that adds cost, but it is a service and benefit to the customer, even if they are going to process it anyway. It gives them a good, clean starting point to work from and allows tubing to be flush next to each other when such alignments are required for certain operations. Finally, the tubing should be packaged in a way that it is protected and can be well organized and identified. Some smaller sizes require shipping in a stiff poly tube, but we typically ship all our tubing this way for protection. Some of the larger sizes can be shipped in poly sleeves, but should be bundled in a way that the tubing is protected, and the bundle is rigid enough to prevent bending.

Naturally, we think our way of supplying it is the best way, especially after years of listening to what our customers appreciate. But, even though we believe this is the standard of what customers ought to expect from their supplier, there is always room to be better. So, if you have seen something done that made an impression or makes sense that we haven’t thought of when it comes to supplying hypodermic tubing, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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