Cowboy Engineering

Engineering is a discipline that follows strict rules of mathematics and science, but someone had to discover those rules first. We know that 316 stainless steel has a melting point of between 1370°C and 1400°C, but do we even remember how we acquired that information in the first place?

We know it because of what we call “Cowboy Engineers.” Melting points were discovered because someone once took a piece of 316 stainless steel and turned up the furnace until the steel melted. We know the bend radius of tubing and elongation percentages of mandrel wires because someone once bent and stretched these materials past their limits. These are some of the things we get to do at Component Supply every day. We work with these Cowboy Engineers to test the limits in the areas where we are knowledgeable. We are willing to take risks with them and break the rules (in a very safe environment, hopefully), so we can acquire the information to really make a difference in the industries we serve. At Component Supply, we have a heart for research and development, and we are excited to test the limits with fellow Cowboy Engineers.

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