We Won’t Let The Project Die

headshot1bwIn the early phases of research and development for a product, there are always questions and ideas to be tested. Sometimes it’s a question of size: do you need 3/16” inside diameter or 1/4” inside diameter? Once you’ve determined the correct diameter and there are at least two different wall thicknesses of each size, which one is best for your application? Maybe you aren’t sure if a 0.012” or 0.011″ diameter mandrel would be best? Or what about a PTFE coated mandrel? Sometimes it’s a material question: should you use silicone or one of the Tygon tubing options? And if you go with Tygon, which formulation is best?

Often the answers are only discovered through testing. Sadly, purchasing each individual product or small quantities of material for testing is so expensive that some projects die before they ever really get off the ground. Custom fabricated parts experience this problem even more often. The cost to have a part fabricated just to see if the idea was worth pursuing is often high enough to bring the entire project to a halt.

The thought of any project dying so early in the process is unacceptable to us. So at Component Supply, we’ve made a commitment to research and development. Because we take our specific role in the development of products seriously, we support our commitment in two ways. First, we supply our standard materials in very small quantities and have no minimum order requirements. We want researchers and product developers to test a variety of products in a cost-efficient way so they can make the best decisions to keep their project moving. Second, with our custom fabrication services, we look at the ideas people have, make very small runs with the lowest minimums available and try to deliver in days, not weeks.

We don’t want to see projects tabled or canceled just because it was too expensive to experiment with parts or modifications. Researchers should be able to test components with quality and efficiencies in mind while staying within their budget. We do everything we can do to make their projects run smoothly or improve their design tests knowing it ultimately impacts someone’s life or standard of living. At Component Supply, we operate our business to do our best to make sure we never let a project die.