Tygon(R) Laboratory Tubing: Formulations and Uses

When it comes to varieties of Tygon laboratory tubing, here’s what anyone considering it should know. “Tygon” is actually a name that covers a variety of formulations that share one thing in common: an extremely high chemical resistance. Tygon R-3603 laboratory tubing is commonly used in laboratories for specific equipment. Tygon R-1000 tubing has a specific property that makes it ideal for certain uses, and Tygon 2275 has a formulation that makes it ideal for certain concerns. Understanding these different forms of Tygon and their uses, you’ll better understand the place of Tygon laboratory tubing for general laboratory use.

One formulation that can be used for peristaltic pumps is Tygon R-3603 laboratory tubing. Of course, as a Tygon formulation, it’s resistant to any fluid that might need to be pumped. Tygon R-3603 laboratory tubing is often used in laboratory incubators, and tubing for lab burners. These particular functions make Tygon R-3603 laboratory tubing a common formulation found in chemical laboratories.

Another ideal formulation is Tygon R-1000 tubing. Although used for general applications in the laboratory, Tygon R-1000 is especially useful in roller pumps of low torque. This is because it is the softest Tygon formulation, making it especially appropriate to the conditions of this kind of roller pump. Again, the near-universal chemical resistances of all Tygon formulations apply.

Tygon 2275 is known as “High Purity” tubing. Plasticizer is an additive that affords greater plasticity and malleability, but some plasticizers might pose health risks. Along with the expected chemical resistance of any Tygon variant, the Tygon 2275 formulation is plasticizer-free. Along with other formulations that share this property, Tygon 2275 does not release any noxious gases or other materials when it’s burned.

Now that you know about the reasons for some aspects of Tygon laboratory tubing, you can better understand its importance in peristaltic pumps. Tygon R-3603 can be found in laboratory hoods, incubators, and Bunsen burners. Tygon R-1000 is known as a “soft” formulation, especially useful in roller pumps with low torque conditions. Finally, Tygon 2275 is a plasticizer-free, “High Purity” formulation that burns cleanly. So next time you consider the varied laboratory and roller pump applications of Tygon, you’ll know the advantages of three of the Tygon laboratory tubing varieties.