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About Component Supply Company
At Component Supply, our mission is to be a resource for researchers and product designers by connecting them with the components and knowledge they need to change the world. We supply and custom fabricate hypodermic tubing, PTFE tubing, stainless steel and nitinol wire, woven filter mesh, fittings and blunt dispensing needles without burdening our customers with high costs, minimum order quantities, or long lead times. We maintain a comprehensive stock of quality components in as many size and material options as possible and provide trustworthy, insightful information about each of them. We not only have an extensive understanding of our products' characteristics, but also where and how they can be used, what sizes and materials are best suited for certain applications and what related products and information will enhance those applications. Our inventory is based on what we anticipate a customer might need to complete their project, not based on inventory turnover reports or pass-through rates, and we have the products in stock, ready to ship. If we don't have access to the exact component our customers are looking for, we try our best to point them in the right direction.

With our knowledge of our components and how to work with them, we custom fabricate many of them to our customer's specifications. Our fabrication capabilities include cutting and bending small diameter metal tubing such as hypodermic tubing; cutting, bending and end forming small diameter wire; custom cutting nylon and polyester mesh; producing custom needles in various lengths or bend configurations; and making custom fittings for a variety of specialty applications. But we are more than the components we supply. At our core, we want to be known for three things. First, we want our employees and our community to know us as a great place to work. We are a team of individuals with lives and families that matter. As a company, we want our employees to support their families while prioritizing what is truly important in life. Next, we want our vendors to know us as a great customer and a company that views them as an important part of our team. We strive to pay our invoices early, understand our vendors' internal processes and maintain a warm, friendly relationship with each representative we contact. Finally, we want our customers to know us as the best supplier and custom fabricator they know. We are genuinely interested in the work of our researchers and product designers and encourage them to contact us with their questions and concerns.

The work we do at Component Supply is more than our career; it's our ministry, and we want everyone we work with to see us for what we are at our core. At the end of this life, when all the tools go back in the box, we want to know our priorities were in the right place.